We're a group of finance and technology experts that have invented a new way to invest.

You can find more information in our our help center or in About us.

With most brokers you will pay 10€ or more per trade.

With ninety nine you will pay almost nothing to invest.

You see, the traditional 10€ commission is actually a combination of several charges, some of which are unavoidable fees and others which are added commissions.

However, the added commissions amount to almost all of the 10€.

We have eliminated the added commissions by automating our processes, making your trading almost free. Read more about it in our help center.

We will publish a trading cost disclosure closer to launch.

Yes. We take security very seriously. Because that’s what we expect when it comes to our own money and personal information.

We must comply with rigorous EU standards to obtain regulatory approval, and will be under the continuous supervision of the Spanish National Securities Market Commission.

Once launched, we will also participate in a guarantee fund that will protect your account for up to 100.000€.


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