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Imagotype and isotype

Area of respect

To assure the optimum application and perception of the logo/symbol in all contexts and formats, an area of respect has been established to determine a minimum distance from text and graphic elements.

We will use our letter "e" as reference for the optimal separation between the elements and blank spaces.



The only element that can be displayed alone is the isotype.

The color can only be modified if in extremely limited cases it needs to be displayed in flat color (defined on page 16) or in black and white.



Our logo must always be shown in the following manner:

The isotype should be on the left and the logo on the right, respecting the scales and area of respect as defined.

In both dark and light backgrounds, the isotype does not change, but the logo can be displayed positive or negative to facilitate legibility.


Monochromatic versions

These versions are to be used only in extreme cases when the color is not possible or printing does not allow.


Single color chromatic uses

In the special instance in which the logo cannot be displayed with the corporate colors, only the most neutral within the corporate gradient should be used.

The color that should be used is the following:

  • RGB 104 118 245

  • HEX #6876F5

  • PANTONE 18 3943



Plain colors

  • Deep blue

    color blue

    RGB 36 43 66 · HEX #242B42 · PANTONE 2965 C


    color white


We use two principal colors as a base for all compositions.

We avoid using pure black in favor of our Deep Blue.

This document contains all the codes for all color profiles necessary for display, in both digital and offline contexts, to assure that we remain within the scheme and avoid chromatic aberrations.

Color gradient


Elements using the gradient for design purposes should respect the angle and colors of the original gradient.

The background gradient should not deviate.

  • Purple
    RGB 148 89 240 · HEX #9459F0

  • Blue
    RGB 140 248 248 · HEX #458CF8

  • Emerald
    RGB 32 230 206 · HEX #20E6CE


graphik typo

The corporate typography is the Graphik family in its Ultra-light, light, regular, medium, and bold.

This will be the official typography used by studios and design agencies.

This typography should always accompany this brand manual for its subsequent download.


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