We believe in free investment

An unfair situation

Since its origins, the stock market has been reserved for the elite. Neither the passing of the centuries nor the great technological revolutions have made investment available to everyone.

This is why we created Ninety Nine

At Ninety Nine we have always believed that financial markets should be accessible to ALL people.

That we ALL deserve an opportunity to do something more with our savings than having it in a bank account, subject to commissions.

The solution for everyone

Our mission is to democratize the stock market and make it accessible to 99% of the population.

Tired of paying high commissions to intermediaries, we have developed the technology that allows EVERYONE to invest in the stock market under fair conditions.

Our first step

We believe that experimenting is the best way to learn. Therefore, we first created an app so that EVERYONE could start on the stock market with a virtual simulator. Without financial losses or gains. We were looking for a way to bring the operation of the stock market closer to the 99% of households that had never invested in the stock market.

The transition from
virtual to real

The interest shown by thousands of users encouraged us to take the big leap. We started working on a real investment application that allows anyone to operate on the stock exchange at a very low cost, with any amount and in a simple and intuitive way.

The change has begun, join the revolution!

With Ninety Nine, investing is no longer an exclusive activity, reserved for experts or high net worth. We put investment in the stock market within the reach of 99% of the population.

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