Zero commission investing is coming to Europe.

Beta version available

Beta version available

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Security at ninety nine

Security above all else

At ninety nine, we handle your money following the strictest of security standards, in collaboration with one of the world’s top financial institutions

Furthermore, your investments will be covered for up to 100.000€ through a separate guarantee fund.

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We're reinventing investing to make it more accessible for people like you.

Sofoklis, Amsterdam.

Can it make a difference?

Sofoklis, Amsterdam.

start quoteThe economy has left a lot of young Europeans behind. I'm excited to see if technology like ninety nine can make a difference.end quote

Amity, Hamburg.

I’m now better prepared

Amity, Hamburg.

start quoteEven with my education in finance, I have thoroughly enjoyed the academy lessons, as I feel I'm now better prepared to be an investor - in real life, not on paper.end quote

Nicola, Paris.

Investing has never been accessible to me.

Nicola, Paris.

start quoteFor me there is no doubt that, over the long term, investing in the stock market makes sense. But it’s never been that accessible or attractive to me. I hope ninety nine fixes this.end quote


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